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Condor Grass Hockey Ultra Series – For maximum results

Hockey is a very technical sport and the use of artificial turf made the sport develop much further.
In The Netherlands the first artificial turf pitch for hockey was already installed in 1976 (Kampong) and since then many followed (over 800 in 2018). The wide spread use of artificial turf on our home market helped us to develop high quality professional hockey turf and pitches. Our hockey ambassador Thomas Briels – captain of the Belgian men’s team and winner of the silver medal at the Olympics in Rio – has had the honour of playing on many top-level fields across the world. “This kind of fields brings out the very best in any player. For all players, particularly those playing at lower level where clubs often lack adequate budget, I would like to see the opportunity to play on a surface that enables them to fully promote their talent.”

To show that our products fulfil appropriate quality and performance, Condor Grass Sport  joined the FIH and takes part in the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf. With our Hockey Ultra series we have water-based systems approved for  FIH Global (and Global Elite), semi-water systems for FIH National and sand dressed systems for FIH National and FIH Multi-Sport. For many years Condor Grass Sport has manufactured all kinds of hockey systems (nylon, polyethylene, filled, non-filled) for national and international hockey fields. We will continue to do this, but always with the intention to do it quicker, cheaper and last but not least, better.

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