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Condor Grass Sport tennis turf for clubs, schools and private use. As ITF member, Condor Grass Sport has developed tennis products for national and international tennis courts, for tennis clubs, schools and private courts.

Our synthetic tennis products are safe, comfortable, long lasting and provide consistent play under changing conditions. It allows playing under wet conditions without slipping. Playing on a synthetic turf tennis court is more friendly on your joints than playing on a hard court.

Our synthetic tennis turf is available in several ITF ratings, ranging from medium-slow (CPR 2) to fast (CPR 5), all meeting the highest playing standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Our global installation partners can design your tennis court, while also offering maintenance and installation services. Using the Condor Grass Sport tennis series, you are granted years of enjoyment with your friends and family. Your tennis court will be an attractive asset to your home or club.

Condor Grass’ medium & short pile systems, are long lasting, low maintenance and fit into any home or landscaped setting.

Condor Grass’ texturized short pile surfaces, such as Game, are very durable surfaces suitable for not only tennis, but a range of other sports. With suitable line markings for hockey, tennis, korfball and basketball, your Condor Grass Sport tennis court can be turned into a multi-sport training ground. 

For the upcoming and already popular game of Padel, we have designed several pitches in green, red and blue colour.