Football Infill Only



Football Infill Only

About this product

To meet the requirements of the Fifa we need to come as close as possible to a natural turf characteristics. Therefore we have developed a system with 60 mm pile height with a infill of stabilizing sand layer and a special infill of rubber, SBR, EPDM, TPO or cork. Depending on the existing laws and wishes. These systems are mostly the most economically. 

With the Saltex Polar fibre, an optimal balance between filament thickness and depth promotes a natural look, on the one hand, and a slidingfriendly surface, on the other. The durability of the fibre makes it ideally suited for also football training fields applications. Saltex Polar pitches have been installed worldwide e.g. Scandinavia, South-America and Europe.

Saltex Wave and Wave XL have recently been added to the portfolio. Saltex Wave and Wave XL are characterised by a unique combination of a high-quality polymer with a diamond-shaped cross-section, ensuring exceptional durability. In contrast to other diamond-shaped fibres, this filament has a broader width providing very good coverage of the playing surface.