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Condor Grass and Saltex have expanded their existing co-operation by entering into a strategic partnership for the production and distribution of certified artificial grass systems. The aim of the partnership is to strengthen both companies’ value proposition by combining their product portfolios and infrastructure. The partnership creates a wider range of products, in order to respond even better to changing market demands.

Products and systems

Artificial grass and artificial grass football pitches are made from a combination of different components. This enables the client’s preferences to be translated, at a detailed level, into the optimal playing surface, provided, of course, that it meets national and international standards, such as FIFA, WR, GAA & RFL. 

At product level, there is a choice of production methods, the type of fibre used and the coating. The choice at system level is whether or not to apply a shock pad, the type of base layer and, finally, special system features, such as horizontal drainage, water storage and under-pitch heating.

With the Saltex Polar fibre, an optimal balance between filament thickness and depth promotes a natural look, on the one hand, and a slidingfriendly surface, on the other. The durability of the fibre makes it ideally suited for also football training fields applications. Saltex Polar pitches have been installed worldwide e.g. Scandinavia, South-America and Europe.

Saltex Wave and Wave XL have recently been added to the portfolio. Saltex Wave and Wave XL are characterised by a unique combination of a high-quality polymer with a diamond-shaped cross-section, ensuring exceptional durability. In contrast to other diamond-shaped fibres, this filament has a broader width providing very good coverage of the playing surface.