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Football Infill Only

To meet the requirements of the Fifa we need to come as close as possible to natural turf characteristics.

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Football Infill & Shockpad

To meet the requirements of Fifa and to deduct the use of yarns, we have developed a system with less infill on a shockpad.

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Football Non-Infill

Our systems are developed with professionals, XL Turf from Switzerland and are based on totally no infill. For the right characteristics as shockabsortpion, ball rebounce and rotation we use our own EPP layer, clamping systems and a heavy tufted system with 2 different yarns. To copy root zones and to create the playing surface as authentic as possible. Our experience is already decades and is also based on snow, hot and sandy areas. Therefore we can give the right advice for maintenance.

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Football Training fields

For training when there is no certificate required, we can advise several combinations of above systems. Depending on the clients wishes.

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