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Padel test 1


For football we have many options, depending on use, budget and location. We can offer systems that require infill or systems that function without infill. The systems with infill can be either with the use of a shock pad or without such a pad. For both several types of infill are available. Most systems with infill are applicable for training facilities as well as for official matches.


Hockey, technically an highly developed sport, requires a perfect sport surface to be played well. Condor Grass Sports manufactures water-based products for top level hockey, sand dressed products for less demanding facilities and sand dressed or sand filled systems for training fields. Some of these are also perfectly fit for school sports. Professional pitches are built with FIH approved products. The sub-base for hockey field can vary and depends on the chosen system. For water-based products the most recommended and most built sub-base is with an in-situ elastic-layer.


Tennis is for everybody: For the sisters Williams, but also for your neighbour, your grandchild, your grandfather or yourself. We have systems for heavy use, for recreational use like hotels, and products for professional courts for clubs and events. All tested by ITF. For Padel, a sport very close to tennis, we developed a special product.


Even playing golf is not always on natural turf anymore. Artificial turf can be a very good alternative. The most likely places to find artificial turf is on the Tees and Driving Range, but also Greens and Fairways can be covered with it. Working together with professionals we have developed products specially fit for each part of a golf course.


Rugby and rugby-like-sports such as American Football or Gaelic Sports require systems fit for heavy us and with enough shock absorption to protect the players from head injuries. Condor Grass Sport has developed a system for this, based on high performance special shock pad underneath the turf and long pile turf with infill on top of it. This rubber filled system provides the required shock absorption and HIC-value (Head Injury Criterion) and is based on “in field” experience.


We all know that moving and playing is important for physical and mental health. Exercising, using your muscles and learn to work as a team is important for development of mind and body and should start at an early age. The exact type of sport or play is not important at that stage. Any sport is good. We serve playgrounds, mini courts for schools and public areas. Different systems, different colours, different areas. Also products for horse tracks, chicken turf and dog proof turf is available.