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About us

The Condor Group was established in 1992 and is, up to the present day, fully owned by the founders. Condor Grass Sport is one of the younger divisions in the Condor Group. Producing turf in our own in-house facility for several years, Condor Grass Sport has earned its place in the industry. We continuously improve our processes and products through research, and at the same time look for better conditions for our human resources, for an efficient supply chain and shorter delivery times.

We are proud to be part of the worldwide operating Condor Group and pleased to share and use common sources and relations. Thanks to this we are able to fulfill almost all of our customers’ wishes. We are more than just a marketing company, we are a carpet & turf manufacturer and produce our systems in-house in a state-of-the-art factory. We produce custom-made or in accordance with the requirements of the relevant national or international sports association.

The knowledge we have gained the last decades is built up by experience in humans in all sorts of disciplines: From acquiring the best raw material, tufting and sales to construction & maintenance of high quality sports facilities.In order to offer certified sport systems, we have the following partners:

For FIFA certified football/soccer systems and pitches we have a partnership with Saltex Oy, a Finnish FIFA Preferred Producer. 
For World Rugby certified pitches we also work together with Saltex Oy.
For hockey, as FIH Certified Manufacturer, Condor Grass Sport  liaises directly with the FIH for certified products and pitches.
For certified tennis systems, as ITF member, Condor Grass Sport liaises with the ITF foundation.

Our customers and partners regard Condor Grass Sport as reliable in many respects and they are happy to deal with any of our very dedicated team members.

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