Sand filled, rubber filled & non-filled.

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    About this product

    Multi-sport synthetic grass by Condor Grass – an invitation to everyone to come and play

    Condor Grass’ multi-sport synthetic grass helps you to transfer school- and public grounds into brilliant, all-weather, multi-sport playgrounds, bringing benefits.  Our products have been proven for years and are widely used to give schools, community centers and sports clubs versatile, robust multi-sports grounds, artificial turfs makes the areas and maintenance managable, gives the total accommodations a nice and controlled appearance.

    • The sparkling colors and bright, clear markings of all-weather multi-purpose playgrounds
      and sports facilities invite children to start playing.

    • Non slippery synthetic grass results in no more cuts and bruises caused by hard falls.

    • Our multi-use turf can include line markings for several sports, such as tennis, hockey,
      korfball or even  a running track. Even special marks or logo’s.

    • A variety of long lasting and easy to install shockpads have been designed to enable
      optimal safety on fall and head impact

    Condor Grass can offer different multi-sport solutions that can be used in combination or individually;

    Sand filled for vandalism proof, rubber filled, non-filled.